Sunday, July 12, 2009


Quite frankly the reality of it all excessive waste and significant gain is the creative factors in society these days .

The flaunting of wealth is at an all time high these days with such expansive estates popping up all over some tucked away in secluded estates lingering in the vast depths of distance away from the prying eyes of the casual observer .

Effectively such abundance of wealth doesn't necessarily throw such an air to the wind of indifference although today in some instance as in the effluent viral opulence portrayed in the rolling estate homes sprouting up on the shore line at the local beach areas.

You see here in the south in away it seems so freaking overwhelming that is so stunning it is truly amazing .

A vast lawn which by the way is the ultimate of imperialism .

But only a minuscule effect in today's world the true relevance of flaunt .

Although as small a thing as the flourishing weedless significantly pruned to a perfection of an idealistic standard it has been an excess of opulence regaled in society even in the truly insignificant suburbs.

Truly the lawn really in a way prevails to a forgone conclusion as to the vastness stretched out throughout America that even today in a fluctuating stock market and foreclosures dotting the landscape of a declining public .

Which in away a tell tale sign of the looming devastation's portrayed in the effect of the unkempt lawn stand out more than ever .

Against the stunningly effective perfection of a well kept lawn that gains the reality of today's influential society.

As I take a short travel out in the monster car so to speak dubbed by my dear sweet tight wad of a mother .

It certainly is outstandingly noticeable to realize just who it is that is succeeding these days an who is falling back reeling in they're shoes an dying out .

A truly sad significance of a deteriorating society seeing the disturbing difference in the unkempt and the excessively well maintained a casual but significant outlay displayed oh so simply by the effects displayed in the lawns of today households.

A sad sad day is on the horizon coming as the millions of household fall into ruin around the country .

A true reality seems to be flailing in such it is that the more one has the more is displayed seems to be fading in some ways but effectively it still is a stand alone realization in the true significance of today's lawns still prevail as to the true prolific significance of the imperialistic society .


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  2. Why thank you very much for commenting ' Life's had many changes n I have been not paying attention so well ' As the scorge of bipolar banana's ran rampantly through my thoughts. I went on to other things n left the feelings behind ' Although I did create a facebook page ' one called Bipolar Banana page where I commonly rant n rave about something once in awhile n use pictures sayings an quips n quotes to get my thoughts n point of view across feel free to visit there n have a look ~:>
    I have several others but that one in particular went farther in participations comments etc. much more entertaining for myself at least . Once again thank you for commenting here ' Dirt Dog.....