Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yes bitching seems to be the relevant factor in these passing day's

But with so much to decide upon the utmost important differences become a pondering effects .

Could it be the economy ?

Maybe the escalating facts of groceries an the overly inflated pricing ?

How about the drastic steps the government prevailed upon the smokers raising the price of cigarettes a dollar a pack ! Jeez Bastards "Oh it will curb the vicious effects" of nicotine addiction !

Bullshit ! its to line they're vicious greedy ass pockets to stimulate the massive spending spree.

An speaking of greedy as bastard the government is full of them .
I say lets line them up an waste a few bullets on the assholes who are able to vote on they're own pay raises. While the rest of the country is flailing in desperation an despair !

But in all that's just my own thoughts an actually acting out such free for all detailed reduction in a waste of bullets is well beyond me .

Hell I still feel really bad about squishing a poor little mouse that seemed to be in the wrong place an my dog had cornered it on the back porch . Fearing the vicious little fella would have harmed my little dog an I would have had to take him to the vet for a bite on the nose an inflict a serious dose of rabies vaccines with those painful shots etc. The thoughts of the trauma presented in having to actually pay the vet for his services an not to mention my poor dog looking all pitiful .

I picked up the closes thing in the area which happened to be an very heavy old antique oar from an old boat an trying to scoop up the little fellow to usher him out of reach from my vicious little dog snarling an barking as he was trying to get at him he jumped the wrong way as I progressively slammed the oar down an stuck the little mousy a bit to hard extinguishing the life out of his frail little body . gee I still feel bad for that !

Well damn off in another direction that happens !

More tales an thoughts at another time.

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