Monday, February 2, 2009


As a car enthusiast an typical owner of a Thoroughbred muscle car .

A Black an grey stripped Mustang GT California special Convertible 2007 .

Getting there is part of the action .

encouraging an actually existing passion of living life as driving in the fast last .

It is realised that once up to speed n traveling having to slow down is a negative all the momentum is there to continue the pursuit of destination.

In so which traveling in the fast lane is definitely not for the pansies faint of heart slow motion shakers .

Although the inevitable usually happen is any distant of travel .

There is always that dick head the stuck in the mud I am not budging sticking to the posted speed to the digit in the far left lane .

They must have been a hall monitor in school .

It is then one at speed approaches the rear of the they're bumper at a distance you can see them divert they're eyes away from the rear view mirror an even that straight ahead look in the side mirror .

It is then one must realise that this ones not passive an considerate an before you wish you had the James Bond additions to the vehicle that can blast your way through .

It is then one must glance an see if the alternative lanes are appropriately of use to veer around the stuck on the numbers .

An as usual there free space an continue to proceed .

But as always use caution an pass within inches of the right side mirror an give them the finger after all they're not going to pick up speed to return the gratitude .

An then as one has passed withing a few centimeters of knocking they're front bumper off .

From merging back into the left lane without even the consideration of a blinker .

give them that last bit of negativity of . You bastard or precious bitch thanks for the inconsideration merge on into they're lane without even blinking an eye at them .

Inconsiderate ass wipes as they are it is a deserving factor to merge into they're line of travel at such a distance that in most cases they will slam on brakes in a negative demonstration .

as to entering into they're space it is then that you look back an adjust your mirror or at least touch it with an extended finger of the central proportioned index.

Continuing on in your venture as the inconsiderate fades back into the distance recesses of the rear view mirror .

One must cringe at the reality of such negativity abound throughout life it seems there is a considerable amount of hall monitors these days they seem to all be driving the fabricated beer cans that can fold up like they have been stepped on .

Most can barely acquire the reality of the flow of traffic due to the fact they are under powered fuel monitors .

Typical 4 cylinder sewing machine garbage throw aways .

Referring to the fact that by the time you have paid it off the thing has begun to break down due to most of the contents are made of recycled trash .

They just don't seem to hold up to preservation an by all means the life expectancy of such wonder cars are merely 4 to five years .

So if your passion is getting they're in style an progressively positioning one self in the fore front get a real car and drive like you stole it .

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