Saturday, September 6, 2008

The passing of dog day's of summer

Although the dog day's of summer are still in full bloom . The heat outside is excruciating ! And with the humidity level matching the temperature hovering in the 90's . One takes refuge in the shaded areas as much as possible . The other day I ventured out an a day at the beach was the event of the day . The wind was effective in disabling the ability of utilizing a much needed umbrella . Howling would be a good descriptor . As one of the frequent hurricanes or tropical storms were passing or in it's approach . The waves were taking the beach leaving only sitting area to where most of the time a vast area left for traffic and many frequent beach walkers , strolling along or passing by on bicycles . Also the many varieties of vehicles ad to the sights of the passing by . On our popular beach here adding to the enjoyment of gazing out into the surf an passing the time away feeding the birds. Relaxing in the shaded area of the umbrella . Although as I stated today the umbrella was not a usable source due to brisk wind . Which terribly shorten the stay due to the effects of the sun even for a seasoned sun worshiper as I. Only a few hours I guess three to four is all i could stand . Effectively though the tourist or as i call them uncooked french Fry's . Which are so very noticeable due to the tone of they're Lilly white skin color or the lobster burned tones of a few minutes in the sun where as it is apparent that they scurry along only after a half an hours time under the intense ray's of the sun . I smirk an smile as they go by with way to much sun exposure . I do feel for them realizing they are burnt as toast an going to go through hell at the evenings comings . So naive are they not to notice the slight twinge of that crispy feeling coming over them knowing very well that the effects is and will be long established an deter them from venturing out the next time they get a chance . Oh how vicious the everlasting sun's impression is on the unsuspecting tourist .. Meanwhile my day passes by feeding the birds reading the many variable novels i take with me or magazines . Or mesmerise into the Constance of the never ending waves . an occasional passing of boats an ships ... Although today as i said a bit blustery an not a boat in sight . anywhere out on the horizon . The sea a turmoil of a boiling pit with the outer waves a serious matter to contend with for even the most seasoned captains an even the largest of vessels are docked in the fervour of the incoming storm brewing up such an inhospitable vast range of dread an destruction . The incoming clouds are also a hint of only whats to come as they wisp by racing through the sky . With amazing amounts of stored up energy an water . Only to be unleashed upon the inland as it passes off of the shoreline an into the rise of civilization . Yes I call a day at the beach living on the edge of the world where the present land abruptly ends an the vast openness of the ocean begins . Past far beyond the horizon miles n miles of water . So beautiful but yet so formidable treacherous as it is such an alluring part of nature . Many hours upon hours i have sat an gazed out over the vastness never boring . Entrancing to the soul such a way it set us free from the every day drudgery of life . Yes the dog day's of summer they do so last such a long time here . summer stays in full bloom for many months sometime all the way to the edge of the new year . barely giving way to winter for such a brief period and it begins again anew beginnings of life into the spring . So i guess rambling on an coming to no point of conclusion is my best trait . Have a nice day ! One day you will realize as I do there is no point in living unless your actually living then the glamour disappears an the simple things in life mean more than living itself . Breath an enjoy the time that you have . Darkness comes soon enough for us all then it's all over ! Live for today for no one really knows what tomorrow brings .

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