Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Epitome Of Elegance Are Cartier Watches
Most people think that owning a Rolex Watch is the most sophisticated accessory to own, but the epitome of sophistication and elegance is owning one or more of the luxurious Cartier watches. These watches are the most beautiful watches in the world. The name Cartier stands for elegance by itself. There are hundreds of brands of watches and many are very well known names, but in owning a Cartier watch you are added to a select list of special people. Cartier is also known as the father of wristwatches.
The Beginning
Cartier began his own jewelry making business in 1846 after apprenticing with Picard. He never would have known then what heights his sons would take his artful business. In the early 1900's they moved their business from Paris to London to seek out the English aristocracy. The English nobles soon became his business friends. The Prince of Wales called him the jeweler of royalty and the title has held on through the centuries. In 1904 an aviator friend of his told him that he had a hard time telling the time while flying, and so to help this friend out he came up with the first wristwatch. Once again, Cartier was to become the leader in wristwatches for numerous years. He is credited solely for being the founder of the wristwatch. The first of the Cartier watches were sold on leather bands and worn and made basically for men. They slowly evolved through the years, as did Cartier jewelry, and the Cartier watches of today are made of gold and platinum with diamond and jewel encrusted watchbands. It is not unusual for Cartier watches to be priced in the six figures.
Cartier also has showrooms in famous and renowned New York City hotels. Their famous jewelry and Cartier watches are usually on display in the lobbies of these hotels. When anniversaries and birthdays roll around for the significant other in your life, you can never lose with a Cartier watch. If you need to get in her good graces after a fight, a Cartier watch will do it every time. Cartier jewelry and Cartier watches are definitely accessories for the wealthy elite, but a piece or two always fares well and can fit into any class of citizen. Cartier watches can be found online, they can be found as knock-offs on Canal Street and other backstreet bargain areas, and they can be found in the major cities of the world.
My selected unique watch . A Pasha de Cartier 42mm 18kt. Chronograph w/t Alligator skin leather band ... plus I selected several Cartier gold pens in 18kt. and 14kt. and a lighter to see my way in the dark . The ultimate in accessories ! Unique and Individualistic.
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